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How do I transfer a .se or .nu domain to a new owner?

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You can only perform an ownership transfer this way if both the current and new owner have Swedish addresses on their client accounts.

If either client account has an address outside of Sweden, you need to use a domain transfer form, which can be found at the bottom of this page.

To perform an ownership transfer of a .se or a .nu domain, you can use our transfer tool within the Client Area. Both the current and the new owner will have to act to finalise the ownership transfer.

You can only transfer the ownership of a domain for which we are registrar. If another company has this role at the moment, either you have to do the ownership transfer with them, or transfer the domain to us first.

Current owner

To get started with the ownership transfer, please log on to the Client Area.

Then click Account -> Ownership transfers in the menu to the left.

You will now reach a page where you see all domain eligible for ownership transfer in the topmost table. In the table below that, domains that cannot be transferred to a new owner will be listed. To transfer a domain, find it in the topmost table and click the Transfer button to the right of the domain.

Enter the client number and personal/organization number for the new owner. If the new owner lacks a client account with us, a new one can be registered here. Then click Begin ownership transfer.

An email will now be sent to the email address currently in the whois information for the domain. In the mail, you’ll find a link – Verify ownership transfer – which you have to click. You need to be logged in with the client account where the domain currently resides to continue.

After you’ve clicked the link (and eventually logged back in on the Client Area), you get to accept the ownership transfer.

Doublecheck that the correct domain name is listed and that the transfer will be done to the intended client account (you’ll see the client number instead of XXXX in the image above). If everything checks out, click Accept ownership transfer.

The current owner is now done with their part of the ownership transfer process.

New owner

It isn’t possible to be logged in to two separate client accounts at once in the same web browser. This means that if the current and the new owner is working from the same computer, separate web browsers have to be used, unless the current owner has logged out first after completing their part. It may also work using incognito or private windows.

After the current owner has accepted the ownership transfer, an email will be sent to the new owner in the same matter as described above. In the mail, another link is found – Verify ownership transfer – which has to be clicked.

After the new owner has clicked the link in the email (and eventually logged in to the Client Area), the following page will be visible:

Check that the correct domain name is mentioned, tick the box regarding accepting the domain register terms, and then Accept ownership transfer.

What happens now?

The ownership transfer is queued with us and we will review it as soon as possible.

A confirmation email will be sent to both the previous owner and the new one once the ownership transfer is done, alternatively with information as to why it was denied.

Most often, the ownership transfer is granted, but in the few cases it isn’t, it may depend on:

  • The current owner is a company that has recently declared bankruptcy, or;
  • The domain has been transferred to another registrar after all confirmations have been received.

There exist other reasons for denial as well, and it will all be detailed in the emails.

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