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How do I transfer a domain to Oderland?

Den här artikeln finns även på svSvenska

If you plan to transfer a domain between client accounts, the method described in this guide isn’t what you’re looking for. You need to do an owner transfer.

Please note that a domain name and a website are two different things. Your website will not be automatically transferred to us if you transfer a domain.

To transfer a domain name to us, you need to find its EPP code (also known as AUTH-id, authorization code, transfer token etc). You can get this code from your current registrar. Once you have gotten the EPP code, you may begin the transfer.

  1. Go to this page and enter your domain name and its authorization code. Then click Add to cart.
    Enter the domain name and epp code
  2. Doublecheck the EPP code. Please note the information on the page as well – the DNS servers (nameservers) for the domain are not updated automatically upon domain transfer. Instead, you’ll have to change them yourself once the transfer is complete. Also, depending on what TLD the domain uses, there may be additional fields or checkboxes you need to fill out.
    Check the epp code etc
    Click Continue once you’re ready.
  3. If you’re not our client already, you need to enter your contact information. If you on the other hand is a customer already, click Existing customer login where you can log in to complete your order.
    Complete your order

How long the domain transfer itself will take varies from TLD (top-level domain) to TLD. Click here for more information.

Some TLDs cost money to transfer, because they’re renewed upon successful transfer. Refer to this list for all prices.

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