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How do I transfer a domain to Oderland?

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If you plan to transfer a domain between client accounts, the method described in this guide isn’t what you’re looking for. You need to do an owner transfer.

Please note that a domain name and a website are two different things. Your website will not be automatically transferred to us if you transfer a domain.

Domain transfer

To transfer a domain name to us, you need to find its EPP code (also known as AUTH-id, authorization code, transfer token etc). You can get this code from your current registrar. Once you have gotten the EPP code, you may begin the transfer.

  1. Go to this page and enter your domain you want to transfer. Click the Transfer button next to the domain among the search results and enter the EPP code for the domain. Then click the Confirm button.

  2. The domain is now added to your cart. Unless you want to register or transfer additional domains, scroll down on the page and click Continue.

  3. You’ll now get to register as a new client, or log in if you’re a client since earlier. If you’re already logged on to the Client area, please check that you’re logged on to the correct account.

Keep in mind that the owner information for domains (the whois information) in some cases may be changed to the details of the client account which is being used for the transfer. This is true, among others, for .com, .net ,and .jobs domains. Domains using the TLDs .se, .nu, and .org keep the old information after the transfer is completed.

  1. Check the order summary, choose a payment method (if the domain transfer costs anything), accept our terms and conditions, and click Complete Your Order.

How long the domain transfer itself will take varies from TLD (top-level domain) to TLD. Click here for more information.

Some TLDs cost money to transfer, because they’re renewed upon successful transfer. Keep in mind that domain transfers that are associated with costs will be started once we’ve registered the payment.

When transferring a domain, we do not automatically change the domain’s nameservers. Current DNS records aren’t copied to our nameservers either.

If you want to be able to manage your DNS settings through us after the transfer, you will need to change to our nameservers. This can be done when the transfer is completed. For help on how to change the nameservers please follow our guide.

Failed domain transfer

If a domain transfer fails, you will receive an email message regarding this. In the email, you’ll have a link taking you directly to the right place on our Client area where you can enter the new code. You can also click your way to the page via our Client area. Log in and click Domains -> My Domains in the menu to the left.

My domains

Now, click Manage to the right of the domain.

Manage domain link

Once you’ve reaced the administration page for the domain, enter the new EPP code in the text field and click Retry with a new Auth Code.

If the new code works, you’ll get a confirmation email regarding commenced and/or completed domain transfer. Keep in mind that different TLDs require different amounts of time for the transfer.

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