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How do I get started with my Agency service and/or my Managed Server?

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When you sign up for an Agency service (regardless if it’s the Standard or Premium variant) or a Managed Server with us, you get access to an administrator account for the service. The login credentials you get sent via email once the first invoice for the service is paid and the service is created.

The first step towards creating web hosting accounts for you and/or your clients is logging on to the control panel WHM.

Once logged in, you need to create packages that can be used by the accounts you create. There are a few default packages on the service which you can use to get started, however you are not able to customise them according to your (or your client’s) needs. Therefore it’s better to create your own from the get-go. If you want to, you may also customise the available system resources for the various packages (such as CPU, RAM, I/O etc). Later, based on resource usage, you may want to adjust these settings.

Once you’ve created packages (and adjusted the system resource limits for them), you may start creating cPanel accounts (i.e. web hosting accounts) for yourself and/or your clients. If you want to, you can also temporarily suspend accounts that you have created earlier.

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