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How do I create a cPanel account via WHM?

This guide applies to you who have a Managed Server or an Agency account.

To create a new cPanel account via WHM, do the following:

  1. Begin by logging on to WHM.
  2. Find Create a New Account in the menu to the left.
  3. You first will be presented to Account Limits. Here you’ll see information about how much total disk space and bandwidth your current accounts are using, and how many cPanel accounts you’re able to create.Account limits
    Near the bottom of the account limits box you will also see how many accounts you theoretically can create using the different packages within your limits for disk space and bandwidth. If overselling is activated, as it is if you are using an Agency account or a Managed Server, this shouldn’t limit your ability to create new accounts, but you need to keep an eye on the total disk usage and bandwidth for your service.
  4. Enter all details under Domain Information. The email address that you enter in the field Email will be the contact email address for the cPanel account, and it can e.g. be used for password resets. It will also receive notifications with information regarding the account.
    Domain information
  5. Select a package for the account in the dropdown menu. If you hover over the magnifying glass icon, you will see details regarding the chosen package. If you do not have any packages, you need to create one.WHM Package and settings

Keep in mind that you may have to expand the different boxes to see every option.

  1. The options in the Settings box is fetched from the chosen package from the step above. You may change these as you see fit, overwriting the default settings for the specifik account.
  2. If the chosen package includes Imunify360 Features, you will see the following options. Just as in the step above you can select to overwrite the default settings for the package for this specific account.
    New account i360
  3. If the server on which you are creating the cPanel account is running CloudLinux and the package you’ve selected has LVE Settings enabled, you may adjust the dynamic resources in the LVE Settings box. However, we recommend that you use the CloudLinux Manager tool in WHM to set resources for each package or for specific accounts.
    New account LVE
  4. Lastly, you may adjust DNS settings for the account you’re creating. The setting Use the nameservers specified at the Domain's Registrar will not have any significant impact if the domain is using external name server, and should usually be left unchecked. Mail Routing Settings should be set according to where email for the main domain will be managed, and is changeable later.
    New account DNS and Mail Routing
  5. Click Create to create the account.

Once the cPanel account is created, you can log on to it according to our guide. Please note that the first method mentioned there cannot be used, since no service for the cPanel account is registered in our client database.

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