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How do I change the resources for a cPanel account via WHM?

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This guide applies to you who have a Managed Server or an Agency account.

You can change the available system resources for a cPanel account in two different ways.

The first method is to edit each account separately. This works fine if you only have a handful of accounts to manage, but can soon get out of hands if you have a lot of cPanel accounts.

The other method is more suitable if you want to standardise management of accounts, and is done via packages. Doing changes this way is much easier if you have many accounts to manage.

Modify a cPanel account via LVE Manager

  1. Begin by logging on to WHM.
  2. Find LVE Manager in the menu to the left.
    Klicka på LVE Manager
  3. Click Users to access a list of your cPanel accounts.
    Klicka på Users
  4. Click the icon reassembling a pen to the right of the cPanel account you wish to modify. You may use the search function to filter out the account you’re looking for,.
    Klicka på pennan vid det konto som du vill redigera
  5. Here you may edit the settings for the cPanel account. Don’t forget to click Save once you’re done.
    Redigera värdena och klicka sedan på Save
  • SPEED: The number CPU cores the account is allowed to use. You enter it as percent of a core, so to assign two cores, enter 200 in the field.
  • PMEM: The total amount of RAM available for the account. You enter it in GB.
  • IO: Maximum read- and write speed to the storage allowed for the account.
  • IOPS: Maximum number of reads and writes to the storage allowed per second.
  • EP: One Entry process is a process created on the server, e.g. from a request from Litespeed due to a visit to a website. This specifies the maximum number of simultaneous such processes that are allowed.
  • NPROC: Maximum number of processes that the account is allowed to runt at once. This number should be higher than the one entered under EP (above).

Modify a cPanel account using packages

  1. Begin by logging on to WHM.
  2. Find List Accounts in the menu to the left.
    Klicka på List Accounts
  3. Find the account you wish to modify in the list, then click the plus sign to the left of the account.
    Klicka på plussymbolen vid sidan om kontot som du vill se fler alternativ för
  4. Click the Change Plan button.
    Klicka på Change Plan
  5. Select the package you want to swap to in the list and click Upgrade/Downgrade.
    Välj det nya paketet för kontot, klicka sedan på Upgrade/Downgrade

If you cannot find a package you want to change to, you need to create it first.

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