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How do I login to cPanel?

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You need to have a web hosting account or a FreeDNS account to be able to follow these instructions.

Using the Client area

You can access your cPanel account through the Client Area on oderland.se without using your cPanel credentials.

  1. Start by logging into the Client Area on our website.
  2. Click on Services on the menu to the left when you have logged in.
  3. Then click on Manage on the right side of the account you would like to login to.
  4. If you scroll down, you will now see the cPanel button under One Click Login. Click on it to access cPanel.
    Knapp för inloggning till cPanel

Via oderland.com

  1. Go to oderland.com and click on Login in the top-right corner.
    If you do not see Login you should instead have a Menu-link.
    Click that and then you will have Login in the bottom-left corner.
  2. Choose cPanel at the top.
  3. You need to fill in all three fields. The username is never an email address and the domain needs to be pointed to the server you want to access. It does not have to be your primary domain for the cPanel account.
    cPanel login

    If the login was not successful, please continue reading for alternative login methods.

Direct login

You can access cPanel’s separate login page by typing a certain address in to your web browser, for example:

  • http://mydomain.example/cpanel
  • http://cpanel.mydomain.example/

Please note! Your must replace mydomain.example with your domain name.

If neither of the links above works, your domain may not be pointing towards our server. You can instead use the server name, for example:

  • https://examplename.oderland.com:2083/
  • http://cpanel.examplename.oderland.com/

Please note! You need to replace examplename with the server name your web hosting account is located on. If you don’t know which server your web hosting account it located on you can follow this guide to find out.

Enter your username and password on the page that shows up and then click Log in.

If you still not are able to access your cPanel, you might have to do a password reset.

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