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How do I activate WordPress Toolkit on Agency and Managed Server?

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This guide applies to you who have a Managed Server or an Agency account.

If you have an Agency plan or a Managed Server you can activate WordPress Toolkit from WHM.

It’s your choice which accounts you want to activate WordPress Toolkit on. You may activate the feature selectively on some accounts only.

Whether an account has access to WordPress Toolkit or not is controlled by feature lists in WHM. Depending on if you’ve already created your own packages and feature lists before or not, there are different steps you need to take.

I have not created my own plans or feature lists already

Predefined with all Agency accounts and Managed Servers are three basic packages. These automatically include WordPress Toolkit.

You can’t edit these packages directly. Instead you need to create a custom feature list, and a custom plan.

  1. Start by following the guide to manage feature lists in WHM. Create a new feature list that includes WordPress Toolkit.
  2. Continue by following the guide on creating a new package. When you get to the settings part, make sure to assign the feature list you created in step one to the package.
  3. Finally, you need to assign the package to the account(s) you want to be able to use WordPress Toolkit. In the WHM menu, you’ll find Accounts Function > Modify/Upgrade Multiple Accounts.

    Select the accounts you want to assign the package to in the list. Then in the drop-down menu “Package”, choose the package you created in step two. Finally, click on “Change” to save.

You are now able to manage all WordPress websites on the accounts by going under Plugins > WordPress Toolkit in the WHM menu.

I already have custom plans and feature lists

Follow the guide on editing an existing WHM feature list. You’ll find “WordPress Toolkit” s a feature in the list.

When you save your feature list, the feature will be activated.

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