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How do I use WordPress Toolkit?

WordPress Toolkit is our latest management tool for WordPress installations on web hosting accounts. Through this tool you may install, update, and otherwise manage all WordPress installations on a web hosting account without having to log on to each installation separately.

Please note that you will not be able to create new posts, edit pages or upload media via WordPress Toolkit. Doing this still requires you to log into WordPress as usual.

Installation of updates, plugins, and themes can however be done without logging on.

Access WordPress Toolkit

How you access WordPress Toolkit is described here.

Add WordPress installations to WordPress Toolkit

To manage one or more WordPress installations via WordPress Toolkit, the installation must be added to the tool first. We describe how you add installations to WordPress Toolkit in this guide. You can either install WordPress from scratch, or import installations done previously.

Login on WordPress admin

You can use WordPress Toolkit to log on to your WordPress installation’s admin interface. We describe here how you do (you may have to click Via WordPress Toolkit in the index to the right.)

Manage admin credentials

If you need to set up new admin credentials for WordPress, you can do so according to these instructions (you may have to click Via WordPress Toolkit in the index to the right).

Manage WordPress installations

When you have WordPress installations added to WordPress Toolkit, you can manage these by following the instructions here. Many aspects of your installations can be managed without leaving the WordPress Toolkit interface.

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