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How do I manage updates via WordPress Toolkit?

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To access and use WordPress Toolkit, it first must be activated on your web hosting account.

If updates are available for the WordPress core, installed plugins and/or themes, you can install these directly via the WordPress Toolkit interface.

To get started, access WordPress Toolkit. The click the row for the installation you wish to apply updates to.

If you click any of the rows regarding updates (as illustrated above), you’ll reach the updates interface.

Check the components you wish to update, then click the blue Update button near the top left.

If you perform an update of the WordPress core, you may also choose to create a Restore Point which will save a backup of your entire site. If something should go less than optimal during the update process you can roll back the site to the state it had before the update process began.

Please note that the backup point that can be created could use a large amount of disk space. Therefore, make sure that you have enough space for a complete backup of your website on your web hosting account before you begin.

Smart update

WordPress Toolkit can help you determine whether or not pending updates will work nicely to install, or if something on your website will break after the update. The tool will create a temporary clone of the website, install all updates you choose, and run a battery of test comparing the live site to the updated version.

To get started with smart updates, begin by accessing WordPress Toolkit. Then click the row for the WordPress installation you wish to use Smart Update on. You can activate the Smart Update feature via the switch a bit below the website preview.

When you want to update themes, plugins etc, WordPress Toolkit will create the temporary clone of the website and perform the analysis (described above). Please refer to the section above in this guide regarding how you install updates.

Please keep in mind that you need to have enough free disk space on your web hosting account before you start. Otherwise the clone cannot be created.

Once the analysis is done you get the opportunity to compare the site before and after the update.

If you think all seems to be well, click the button Apply Updates by the top left. WordPress Toolkit will now prompt you to confirm that the updates should be installed on the live site. Click OK to confirm.

The updates will now be installed on your live site.

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