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How do I manage glue records for my domain?

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You will not be able to create or manage glue records yourself for a domain name, but as long as the domain is registrered via us we can help you set things up.

Send us an email with information about what domain you need glue records for, and what records we shall set up (you need to give us both the FQDN and the IP address for each glue record), for example

  • Domain name: example.com
    • Glue record 1: ns1.example.com –
    • Glue record 2: ns2.example.com –

Please log on to our Client area using the client account where the domain is registered and send us the ticket that way.

Please note, we do not change the DNS servers on the domain upon which we create the glue records. You need to do this by yourself.

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