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How do I change the nameservers that my domain is using?

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Changing nameservers (DNS servers) is something that is done via the Client Area on our website. We have a guide here showing you how you log on the the Client Area. Once your are logged in, follow the steps described below to change the nameservers.

Please note that a nameserver change may take up to 48 hours to propagate over the entire Internet.

  1. Click Domains -> My domains in the menu to the left.
    Select My domains
  2. Click Manage Domain to the right on the line concerning the domain for which you wish to change the nameservers.
    Click Manage Domain
  3. At the top of the page you now land on you’ll see a couple of tabs, click on the one saying Nameservers.
    Choose Nameservers
  4. Here you may edit the nameservers, don’t forget to click the Save Nameservers button once you’re done.

If you end up on a blank page when trying to save the nameservers, please send an email to support@oderland.se with information mentioning which domain you wish to change nameservers for, and what nameservers you entered.

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