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How do I contact the owner of a domain?

There are several reasons as to why you’d want to contact the owner of a certain domain. You might be interested in buying the domain name, ask the owner of a website to correct an error, or any of many other reasons.

If you come in touch with the owner of a domain with the goal of buying the domain (and the domain is registered via us), please refer to these instructions to learn how to do a transfer of ownership.

Please follow the sections below in the specified order to reach the domain owner.

Via contact information found on a website on the domain

If there is a website for the domain whose owner you want to reach, try finding some contact information on said website. Perhaps you can find an email address, a phone number, or a contact form that can be used to make contact with the owner. You may need to click around a bit before you find the information you’re looking for.

Via the Swedish Internet Foundation in the case of a .se or .nu domain

If the domain is a .se or a .nu domain, you may use the contact form available on the Swedish Internet Foundation’s website to reach the domain owner. You find the form here:


Keep in mind that you cannot use the form to contact the owner of a domain not using the TLDs .se or .nu.

Finding information via the domain’s whois

If you’re interested in a domain that is not using the TLDs .se or .nu, a first step is to find out where the domain is registered (i.e. the registrar of the domain). This information can be found in the whois information of the domain. We’ve written the following guide regarding how you find where a domain is registered.

Once you know the registrar, you can contact the support department of that company and ask them to forward your contact request to the domain’s current owner. If we’re the registrar of the domain, please read the section below.

Sometimes, you may find the domain owner’s contact information in the whois information directly. However, this has become rarer and rarer due to GDPR.

Ask us to forward a request

Due to GDPR, we cannot hand out owner information regarding a domain name registered with us, but we can forward a contact request to the owner.

If you’re not able to reach the domain owner via the various ways described above, send us an email where you ask us to forward a message from you to the domain owner.

Please note that we’re only able to forward a request to the owner of a domain that’s registered via us.

In your email, state clearly what domain your request concerns, what message we should forward, and the contact information we should pass along.

Once we’ve forwarded your request, we will not follow up the request. The current domain owner decides whether or not they reply and contact you.

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