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How do I register a domain name via Oderland?

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Via us, you can register domains under a plethora of top-level domains (TLDs). The cost for domains under different TLDs vary, and you can always refer to our domain pricing list to know the price for domains under various TLDs.

Please note that the domain(s) will be registered once we’ve received your payment. Only placing the order will not guarantee that the domain will be registered under your name/organisation – someone else may be able to register it before you via another registrar.

To register a new domain name, follow these steps:

  1. Go to this page and enter your domain you want to register and click Search. Then click the Add button next to the domain among the search results.

If you see a Transfer button instead of the Add button, the domain is already registrered. If you own the domain, you may transfer it to us if you wish. This guide will detail the process of transferring the domain to us.

  1. The domain is now added to your cart. Unless you want to register or transfer additional domains, scroll down on the page. Here you may customise the nameservers that the newly registered domain(s) should use. By default, ours are entered; but if you know that you’re going to use others, you may enter them after clicking the Change Nameservers button.
  2. Below the nameservers setting you will see a summary of your order. If everything seems to be correct and you don’t wish to register/transfer any additional domains, click the Continue button.

  3. You’ll now get to register as a new client, or log in if you’re a client since earlier. If you’re already logged on to the Client area, please check that you’re logged on to the correct account.

Keep in mind that the owner information for domains (the whois information) is based on the information entered during the order process. Therefore, double-check that the order is placed with the correct information. If the domain(s) should be registrered using the wrong information, a transfer of ownership is required to correct them.

  1. Check the order summary, choose a payment method, accept our terms and conditions including any additional terms from the registry for the TLD, and click Complete Your Order.

Please note that the domain(s) on your order will be registered once we’ve received your payment. If you want to ensure that the registration process is carried out as soon as possible, please pay the invoice for the order via Swish, credit card, or Paypal.

It may take up to four hours for a newly registrered domain name to start working, even if you add it to your web hosting account immediatelly. This is due to that the domain’s existence have to spread across the Internet.

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