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This page contains information regarding the rules that apply to the on-call service provided by Oderland. You are required to read this information and agree to the terms before you can contact an on-call technician.

On-call services are only available outside office hours.


For non-emergencies we charge a fee of SEK 3750 excluding VAT per commenced hour that the work requires. If you choose to contact an on-call technician you must have read through the information on this page and accept that you may be charged the previously mentioned fee if your case is considered to be a non-emergency.

For what services are an on-call technician available?

The on-call service is only available to customers that have purchased the following services:

  • Standard
  • Premium
  • Managed Server
  • SLA Pro

If you are a customer of one of our resellers then you do not have access to the on-call service, you instead need to contact the reseller directly.

What kind of cases can an on-call technician handle?

Emergencies where you have verified the problem is with our servers/infrastructure. The on-call service is for reporting issues, not support. If further troubleshooting is needed it will be done via email.

What should I do before contacting an on-call technician?

Verify that we don’t have a scheduled downtime or a service interruption

You need to check if we have an active service interruption or a scheduled downtime that affects your service. You can do so by checking our service status page which you can find on this URL: https://oderland-status.eu/

If we have a service interruption listed on that page it means we are working on solving it as quickly as possible. Contacting an on-call technician will not solve the problem faster.

Verify that you have not been blocked by the server’s firewall

If you can’t access your website, email and/or cPanel, that might be because your IP address have been blocked by the server’s firewall. You can check if that is the case by trying to go to your website using a different internet connection, for instance using your phone with the WiFi turned off. You can also use one of the down-for-everyone-or-just-me-alternatives that exist on the internet. The most common causes of being blocked by the server’s firewall include trying to log in to an email account or cPanel using the wrong credentials too many times. If you have been blocked, make sure all of your email clients have the correct username and password and wait 15 minutes – that is how long it takes for the block to be removed automatically. If you later get blocked again that means you still have e.g. an email client configured with the wrong username and password and it just sits there trying to login every time the block is lifted.

Examples of down-for-everyone-or-just-me-alternatives:

Verify that your problem is not caused by an unpaid invoice

If a web hosting account has been suspended because of an unpaid invoice, you will see this page when trying to access the website: https://www.oderland.se/suspended/
You can solve that by paying the invoice, that will unsuspend the service automatically. If you still see the suspended page you will have to clear your web browser cache.

If the problem is that your domain name has expired because of an unpaid invoice, then you can usually see that in the whois information. Check the whois information for the expiry date to see if it has passed. To fix this, you again need to pay the invoice; that will automatically renew the domain name. But it can take up to 24 hours before the domain name starts working normally again even if it has been renewed properly.

Examples of websites that can show you the whois-information:

What is not handled by the on-call technician?

The on-call service is not for support. Here are some examples of what is not handled by the on-call technician:

  • Forgotten password/login problems
  • Domain has expired/domain in status clientHold
  • My website has been hacked
  • Ownership transfers
  • Questions about invoices
  • Changing DNS entries
  • Configuring email clients
  • Login to or how to use the webmail interface
  • My VPS isn’t responding!
  • General questions about our services
  • Problems with WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Prestashop, Magento and so on
  • I need help doing…

My problem is listed above as something that is not handled, what should I do? This is an emergency to me!

Of course, we understand that you want help right away, but when it comes to support questions you have to contact us during our normal office hours. We recommend that you look through our FAQs where we have the answer to the most common questions. If you can’t find the answers you are looking for there, you can send an email to support@oderland.se and we will get back to you as soon as possible. We check incoming emails after hours also but the response time can vary.

Contacting an on-call technician

If you are not sure if your problem is handled by our on-call service then you can open a ticket with high priority and the on-call technician will get a notification (day time) and can then decide if your problem is something that he or she should handle, or if it’s something that is handled by our support.

+46 31 – 350 29 00

Backup number (if issues with number above):

+46 31 – 787 36 00