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Why do I get messages about my web browser being too old?

Why do I need to update my web browser?

On some websites you get a message stating that you’re using a web browser that is too old, and because of this you are locked out from some or all of the content on that website. There are several reasons as to why you need an updated web browser, and below we’ll tell you why.


An updated web browser may protect you from viruses, phishing, and other threats on the Internet. Also, each time a new version of a web browser is released, its developers will fix security issues which otherwise may otherwise endanger the security on your computer/device.


New and updated web browsers are generally faster than older ones, hence you will reach websites you visit more quickly.

New standards and techniques

New techniques and standards are constantly being released and used by web developers. If you update your web browser regularly, you will be able to visit websites using these and therefore get a nicer experience online.

Better experience

The points above can be summarised to this: you will get a better experience of the Internet. Websites you visit will load quicker, you will be exposed to less risks, and the websites will look and work as the developers intended.

What web browsers do I have to choose from?

There are several web browsers which follow modern standards, and are being kept updated by the developers. Some of the most popular ones include:

Please note that we cannot give support on how you use the different web browsers, the list above only present examples on available ones. There also exist many more alternatives that the ones presented here.

If you cannot update your web browser

Sometimes you may have a reason to use an older web browser, thus introducing problems with an upgrade. Below we present a few suggestions as how to work around these possible issues:

Compatability with older systems and platforms

If you use an older system or platform (for example something work-related) that doesn’t work on newer web browsers, please consider installing a modern web browser alongside the older one. Use the newer web browser for all other matters except interacting with the old system/platform. Doing this will give you all the benefits of using a modern browser, but will not rob you the possibility to use the older platform.

I lack permissions to install new software

If you do not manage the computer you use (e.g. if you work at a large company or an authority, where an IT department manages and decides about installed software), please talk to one of those administrators and ask them to consider adding a modern web browser among the installed software.

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