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How do I set up an email account in Mail on iOS (iPhone/iPad)?


To configure email on devices running iOS 10 or greater (such as iPad or iPhone), you can either go through the guide that appears when starting Mail (if you have no previous email accounts set up) or by following these instructions:

  1. Go to the Settings app -> Accounts & Passwords -> Add account. You will see the following:
    Select Other
  2. To set up an account from us, use Other -> Add Mail Account.
  3. Fill out the required fields and tap Next.
    Account settings
  4. On the top, make sure that IMAP is selected, then fill in all fields. Please note that Host Name for both incoming and outgoing mail server should be the server name for the server that your web hosting account resides on. Information regarding this was sent out when the account was started, and you may also see this via the Client Area. When everything is entered correctly, tap Next.
    All account settings
  5. Your credentials will now be verified – this might take a while.
  6. On the next screen, make sure that Mail is selected and tap Save.
    Make sure Mail is selected
  7. You should now be all set up to start using your email account!


From cPanel, you can send a settings file (a profile) to your smartphone via an email address you have set up on the device previously.You can also send it elsewhere, if you have some way to get the file to your phone in the end.

  1. Start by logging in to cPanel and go to  Email Accounts.
    Icon to reach Email Accounts
  2. Find the email address you want to add to your device and click Connect Devices.
    Connect devices
  3. Click Set Up Mail Client.
    Set up mail client
  4. Scroll down and enter the email address you want to send the settings file to, then click Send.
    Email instructions to
  5. You should now receive an email with the settings file.
    Please note that you need another working email address set up on your device to receive the file. However, you may also receive the file elsewhere and send the file to your device using e.g. airdrop, dropbox, iCloud. Tap the attached file to begin installation of the settings profile.


    Email with the settings file attached
  6. Tap Install.
    Install profile
  7. Enter the passcode for your device and tap Done.
    Enter the device passcode
  8. Confirm that you wish to install the profile.
    Confirm installation
  9. Enter the password for the email account you are setting up on your device and tap Next.
    Enter password for your email account
  10. The profile should now be installed, tap Done.
    Profile installed
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