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How do I get started with Oderland Cloud?

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With our service Oderland Cloud you can set up any number of virtual servers, and you only pay for the system resources being assigned to each server. You are invoiced once per month, in the beginning of each month.

Once you have activated the service through the Client Area, you can log in to the service control panel.

Once you have logged in, you can create new servers with system resources according to your needs. After creation, you can modify the system resources of the server at will. You are billed per hour, so if you need a lot more processing power for a short while (e.g. to deploy a complex system), you can temporarily upgrade the server for this and then downgrade it again after deployment is completed.

If you want to run multiple websites or services on a single server, you can assign extra IP addresses for these to the server.

If you do not wish to continue using a specific server, you can delete it.

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