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How do I update the whois information for .se or .nu domains?

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If the planned changes include changing personal or corporate identity number, a transfer of ownership is required.

To update the whois information for your .se or .nu domain, you need to use a token. You can get this token by entering the current email address in the whois information on this page for .se domains, or on this one for .nu domains.

  1. Begin by visiting one of these links:
  2. On the chosen link, click Request a token for viewing data. Then enter the email address currently registered in the domain’s whois information, and click Request token.

  3. After entering the email address, you will receive an email message containing a direct URL to a page where you can see all domains connected to that specific email address. From there you can update the contact information by clicking Update contact information here.

  4. Now, select the domain(s) you wish to update the whois information for by checking the checkbox next to it and clicking Edit contact information.

  5. Here you can enter the new whois information. Confirm the changes by accepting the terms and clicking the Update button.

  6. If all details have been entered correctly, a new email message will be sent to the (previous) registered email address with a link where you get to confirm the changes. You will see the new whois information and can confirm the changes by clicking Approve.

If something should go wrong, not work as intended, or be unclear – don’t hesitate to send us an email message for assistance.

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