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How do I reset the password for cPanel?

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If you have lost, forgotten or in other ways misplaced your password for cPanel there are two methods to reset it. We recommend that you use the first method to reset the password through the Client area. It works in most cases but it does not work for some services and if that is the case you can use the other method and do it directly via cPanel.

Via the Client area

  1. Start with logging in to your Client area on our website, oderland.se -> login -> Kundavdelning.
  2. Click on Services in the menu to the left.
  3. Click on Manage to the right of the hosting account you want to reset the cPanel password for.
  4. You can see your username for cPanel under the headline Hosting Information.
  5. To change the password for cPanel you need to click the tab Change Password near the top of the page. Remember to choose a strong password, which means at least 12 characters long, include both upper and lower case letters, numbers, and special characters. It should not include Å, Ä or Ö. The password strength meter needs to be 100% filled for the password to work correctly.
    Change Password
  6. Click on Save Changes below the password fields to change the password.

When you have saved the new password you can log in with any of the methods mentioned here.

Via cPanel

First you need to find out which server your cPanel account is located on. If you have a web hosting account with us you can use this guide to find out. When you have the server name you can type the following in the address bar of your browser: servername.com:2083. Where servername is the name of the server where your web hosting account is located.

You can not close/reload the web page during this process. If you do, the password reset will fail.

Reset Password

Click on the link Reset Password beneath the Login form.


Enter your cPanel username. This is not an email address, it is a specific username for your cPanel account. Continue by clicking Reset Password.

Email Address

Fill in the e-mail address registered as contact address for your cPanel Account. This is not necessarily the same email address that is used for your customer account. Continue by clicking Send Security CodeDO NOT CLOSE THE PAGE.

If you entered the correct username and e-mail address you will receive an email which includes a code. If you entered the wrong username or email address the system will not send out the email containing the confirmation code.

Security Code

If you entered the correct information you will get an email containing a confirmation code that you need to enter on the reset password page.

Click Submit to continue. If the code is correct you will now have the possibility to enter a new password for your cPanel account.

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