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How do I reach the console for a server in the Do-it-yourself service?

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The console is a way to reach your server if you’re unable to access it via normal means, such as SSH or RDP.

The console is not meant to be used for regular server administration, but if the server e.g. will not boot it’s a nice tool to use for troubleshooting. For instance, it can be used to select an alternative kernel at boot.

Accessing the console

  1. Begin by logging on to the DIY control panel.
  2. After logging in, click Virtual Servers under Appliances in the menu to the left.
    Klicka på Virtual Servers i menyn
  3. Click the name of the server for which you want to access via console (under Label).
    Välj rätt server
  4. Then click the Console button towards the top.
  5. The console for your server will now open in a new window. The appearance of the console may vary depending on the operating system installed on your server. The image below displays the console for a server running Ubuntu.

If you only see a blank screen when accessing the console, the reason might be that a “screen saver” is active. Click somewhere in the black area and press any key on your keyboard to disable the screen saver.

Please note that copy/paste does not work in the console, why it isn’t suitable for more advanced tasks.

Keyboard layout in Linux

If your server runs Linux (for instance Ubuntu), the keyboard layout may be set to American English. If you use a Swedish keyboard, the following table may be helpful to find certain special characters:

Swedish layoutAmerican layout

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