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How do I import a website to Softaculous?

We will be using WordPress as an example in this guide, but the same method is applicable to all software installable via Softaculous.

If you want to import a WordPress installation built and managed via Bedrock, it will not quite work with Softaculous. Therefore, we do not recommend importing such a site. There is a high probability that the site will cease to work.

If you have a WordPress installation on your account that has not been installed via Softaculous, you can import the installation at any moment. By doing so you can benefit from all the features Softaculous gives, such as automatic updates. To import an installation, follow these steps:

  1. Begin by logging on to cPanel.
  2. Click the icon Softaculous Apps Installer under Software.
  3. Use the search field to find the software you wish to import, in this case WordPress.
  4. After clicking the software you wish to import, you’ll find Import to the right in the menu on the top.
  5. Make sure that you’re on the From This Server tab and enter the required information into Softaculous, mainly regarding where the installation resides on your account.
    1. First, select if the website uses SSL or not, and whether www is used or not. If you have a SSL certificate for your site, use https. If you do not know if the website uses www or not, just visit it in your browser and check the address bar.
    2. Then select the domain the website uses.
    3. If your website is placed in a folder, e.g. example.com/test, enter test in the field In Directory. On the other hand, if the website is available directly on the domain, leave the field empty.
    4. Click Import when you’re done.
  6. Once the import is finished, you’ll be able to see the installation under All installations by the top right.
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