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How do I activate WordPress Toolkit on my web hosting account?

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To be able to start using WordPress Toolkit, you must first activate it on your web hosting account. To activate it, begin with logging on to the Client Area on our website.

In the menu to the left, click WordPress Toolkit.

You will now see a list of your web hosting accounts and the status for WordPress Toolkit on each one (which version currently active will be shown under Package).

To activate WordPress Toolkit for a web hosting account, click one of the buttons Activate Lite or Buy Deluxe. If you opt in for Deluxe, an invoice will be generated and as soon as it’s paid, WordPress Toolkit Deluxe will be activated for your web hosting account.

If you currently have WordPress Toolkit Lite activated, you can upgrade to Deluxe in a similar manner. WordPress Toolkit Deluxe has a number of additional features.

When you activate WordPress Toolkit Lite, you’ll get access to all features in Deluxe during the first 14 days. After this trial period, you choose if you want to upgrade to Deluxe or not. If you do not upgrade, you will keep the Lite version.

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